Friday, December 7, 2018

Philippians 4:13 - "Christmas Feelings"

My heart is heavy with prayers this morning for so many people who are going through 'tough' days this Christmas season. I remember two years ago when I was going through radiation treatments for my breast cancer. It also was the first Christmas for me to be away from family. God was so good at loving on me in different ways that year. He loved on me through words of encouragement from people who knew I was hurting, with hugs from people who knew that is what I needed, with cards of encouragement, with calls and texts, etc. He knew I needed some extra loving and that is what He provided. Days can be tough to get through but when you throw in a holiday tough days can become somewhat unbearable. It takes leaning into Jesus' arms a little more and allowing Him to give peace when peace is hard to find. Christmas is also hard when there is less money to buy for loved ones than in the past. I was talking with one elderly lady who said she has no gifts to give her family. When that is what you are use to doing, it's hard to not. My Momma struggles with this. I've told her she is the best gift to give anyone but that is not the same. My Daddy bought 'his girls' something little just from him. His last few years he would give me the money and I would buy for him. One year he helped me make a gift for them. Giving is a part of Christmas that no one wants to quit. I have found giving gifts from my heart make me happy. Some people may not appreciate them but they are what I have to give. Some of the ones I am praying for today are not able to go out in the crowds shopping. Some may not even be able to make something themselves. But the best gift any of us can give is Jesus. We can all share His love, no matter how we are doing physically. My prayers are with...
  • Ellen with an infection
  • Mary Ellen who is in rehab
  • Billie as she continues her battle with breast cancer
  • Another friend who is battling multiple cancers in her body
  • Little Richie with leukemia
  • Mike as he continues his battle with cancer
  • Regina with her new diagnosis
  • Roxanne as she battles addiction
  • Gary with his diagnosis
  • Peggy who is having such pain after having a brain tumor removed
  • Marion with dementia who has had a lot of changes in her little world
  • Scott as he battles his cancer with chemo
  • Many who have lost loved ones over the last year
There are so many going through 'junk' that I wish I could just take away for them. I pray they will draw closer to the Lord through their tough days. I pray He will become greater in their lives. I pray they will depend upon His strength throughout the days ahead. Paul tells us in Philippians 4:13 that we can do anything through His strength. I know this to be true. I have lived it out over and over again.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for Your strength that empowers me to do whatever comes my way. Thank You for this knowledge that encourages me. Thank You for cleansing me today so You can fill me to overflowing with more of You. Thank You for encouraging me through tough days. May You be an encouragement to those I prayed for this morning. May You become greater in their lives. May they realize the empowerment of the Holy Spirit today in a different, new way. Thank You Jesus for being My Strength. Amen.

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