Friday, January 11, 2019

Matthew 25:21 - "Well Done"

This morning I woke up thinking about those who have gone on to be with the Lord. I was thinking about how they no longer have to deal with the stresses of life on this earth. There are no longer relationship issues, financial concerns, etc. When they left this earth, they left all the 'junk' we must deal with every day. They also left the joy of sharing Jesus with someone but are now living in His joy 24/7. I am jealous of them. Sometimes life on this earth get tiring. It can be discouraging here, especially when you pour yourself into people and they don't respond. It can be discouraging listening to people lament over their life yet they won't allow the Lord to be their Lord and Savior. I heard someone say yesterday, "my life is hard" when in fact they have never seen such a life. Sometimes people just don't see it. They think they know what life is all about when in fact they have no clue. As I was thinking about those who have gone on I thought of Jeremy's life. He was such a godly man who was not afraid to share the Lord. He did so much good while on this earth. It just doesn't make sense why he would be taken so early in life. As I prayed for his family this morning, I thought about the memories they have of him but also the hopes and dreams they had for him with them if he would still be on this earth. Life changed drastically when he was killed. It not only changed drastically for him but for them. His testimony on this earth is one that I pray will continue through his family and friends. I pray all who knew him will get to the point in their own lives where they will hear...

The parable of the talents is about how God blessed people with great amounts of money to care for. In life, God gives us things to care for and sees how we will handle them. He wants to see if we will listen to Him and follow the direction He gives or if we will go our own way. His desire is for us to not do as we think is the way to do something but instead to do it His way even when it does not make sense. I truly believe the only way we will hear the words of being a faithful servant is to be living in His presence, sold-out to His will. I know there are many believers who do not believe this. They believe salvation is enough. I disagree with them. Being sanctified, set apart holy is the way to eternal life. I praise God for every day He leads me down the path of a holy life. I praise Him for being who He is to me. I praise Him for loving me enough to guide my words, actions, and attitude when I allow Him. I praise Him for giving me the desire of His heart as mine. I pray daily to be cleansed so He can fill me with more of Him. Why? Because I want to hear the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant..."

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for Your love, mercy, and grace. Thank You for loving me so greatly. Thank You for giving me the desires of Your heart. Thank You for cleansing me so You can fill me. Thank You for being who You are in my life. Lord, I pray for a walk of holiness today. I pray You will be my words, actions, and attitude throughout this day. I pray for a change in my attitude when needed. Go before me and open doors of opportunity for me to be You. I also pray doors will be closed that need closed. I pray when the enemy comes knocking, You will empower me to knock Him down. Lord, be with Jeremy's family as they continue to grieve his loss from this earth. May they have the desire in their heart to live more like Jeremy did so they will hear these words too. Thank You Jesus for being My Master! Amen.

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