Thursday, March 30, 2017

I John 3:1a - "Hello, My Name Is"

Matthew West's Song "Hello, My Name Is" has a part that goes like this...

What love the Father has lavished upon us that we should be called His children
I am a child of the one true King

These words come I John 3. I love verse three of this Scripture that reads, "All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as He is pure" (NIV). Woo hoo! That is so exciting to know when we have Him, we not only have Hope of eternal life but also the concept we can be pure. When we repent and accept Him into our hearts, our past is washed away and we are purified. Every day we need to repent before Him so we can live a life of purity. Verse six tells us "No one who lives in him keeps on sinning" (NIV). Intentional or blatant sin is no longer a part of one's life when they are living a life of holiness. A person who lives this life is called "righteous" in verse seven. In order to be a child of God one must love with Jesus' love. That even includes people who do not want to be loved or people who do not love you.  The song continues...

Hello, my name is child of the one true King
I've been saved, I've been changed, I have been set free
"Amazing Grace" is the song I sing
Hello, my name is child of the one true King

Amen! It is all because of His love, mercy and grace that we can be 'changed' and 'set free' from our past. 

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for this song this morning that encourages me to be bold with Your love to draw more people into Your Kingdom. Thank You for Your love, mercy and grace that cleansed me. Father, forgive me of anything I did yesterday that was not part of Your will. Forgive me for opportunities I might have missed to share Your love yesterday. Lord, fill me with more of Your words, actions, attitude, vision and love so people will see You in me. Lord, I pray for Doc. Maybe the reason it is called a stress test is all the stress one feels beforehand. Give him Your peace and strength. Thank You Jesus for being My Life Changer! Amen.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

James 1:2-4 - "Just Say Jesus"

After getting woke up at 3:30 I could not go back to sleep. I started praying for different ones who are going through tough times...

  • We Are Messengers with their recent accident and loss of their bus, equipment, personal items, etc.
  • the parents burying their sixteen year old son today due to an asthma attack
  • the young girls last night that are suffering with rejection
  • my Momma with her health issues
  • a couple large families with very sick children
  • a friend awaiting cervical surgery
  • some people who are not living for the Lord
  • a pastor going through some difficult times with their church
I still couldn't go to sleep after praying so I asked God who else I was to pray for and His reply was "Yourself, Daughter. How many times do you need to read James 1:2-4? You say it but you are not living it out. Your crabbiness is unnecessary and only making you more miserable." Ouch! So I prayed for myself to have a better attitude. I prayed the Lord would enable me to not fret over things that are not my responsibility. I prayed for Him to shield my eyes from people who don't like me. I prayed for Him to overpower my humanness with His love so it would shine through me no matter the circumstances. After I finished those prayers I thought about how I told the children a few weeks ago in a Tuesday night lesson about how when we get into a tough spot all we have to do is just say the name of Jesus and He would bring comfort. When I asked them last night about it, many hollered out "Jesus"! What a blessing that was but also what a great reminder to me! Throughout this day I will call upon Him when I feel the crabbiness kicking in. Although I pray I don't need to for that reason. I pray there will be no phone calls about medication or insurance issues. But if they do I will remember this song that came to my mind during the night...

When you don't know what to say
Just say Jesus
There is power in the name
The name of Jesus
If the words won't come cause you're too afraid to pray
Just say Jesus

Whisper it now, or shout it out
However it comes out, He hears your cry
Out of nowhere He will come
You gotta believe it
He will rescue you
Just call out to the way, the truth, the life

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for loving me so greatly! Thank You for giving me Your Word to be reminded of! Lord, today is a new day and I pray it will be a different day. I pray for Your Holy Spirit to be so real to me today. I pray for Your words, actions, vision and most of all attitude to show through me today. Fill me to overflowing with more of You, Father. Thank You for being My Jesus! Amen.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I John 3: 24 - "Overwhelmed"

Yesterday started as a very frustrating day and ended very frustrating. Dealing with doctors, medicines, etc. is just not an easy thing to do. I think of people who are mentally challenged and wonder how they get through situations such as I dealt with yesterday. After making multiple phone calls last week to the doctor's office to get answers I finally went in and sat in the waiting room for forty-five minutes until the nurse would see me so I could get an answer. I left there still with no answer yet knowing I was finally heard instead of just leaving a message that was not returned. As I sat there waiting to get an answer about my medication I was surrounded by people who are dealing with the loss of their memory. The Lord gave me the opportunity to pray about their situation. One family broke my heart. The son and daughter were there with their mother who obviously was suffering in her mind. They were trying to keep her talking but every so often the daughter would say "don't you remember that?!?!?" when showing her a picture. As soon as the words left her mouth I could see the daughter realized what she said. They both were on their phones showing her pictures, asking her to play games, etc. while she mostly just stared into space. It made me stop and think about how the frustration I was feeling was nothing compared to what that dear lady was dealing with. I thought for sure I would quit being crabby over my situation and was for most of the day but then last night in dealing with doctor bills the crabbiness came back. I don't want to be crabby. I don't want to feel like crying over situations like yesterday. I asked the Lord to help me yesterday evening with the way I was feeling but things didn't change. I couldn't understand why He didn't make me feel better. It is not that I worry about these things but it is just I get so frustrated in trying to resolve them. This morning as I read I John 3 the last verse stuck out to me. The Holy Spirit would not live with frustration so why do I? Or does the He? I don't believe He does unless it is He gets frustrated over people like me who allow such things to frustrate them. I am overwhelmed with doctor bills, waiting on Doc's stress test, school, church, etc. Unfortunately I am not overwhelmed in a good way. I just get so tired of dealing with so many things at once. This morning I went to a song Big Daddy Weave sings called "Overwhelmed" and was reminded of the way I need to live my life every day...

God, I run into Your arms
Unashamed because of mercy
I'm overwhelmed, I'm overwhelmed by You

Yes! I will be intentional to run to Him so I can be overwhelmed by Him. When the frustration starts, I will stop and focus on Him. I do not believe He desires for me to live miserable. His love cannot flow out of me when I feel crabby. This day will not be another day of feeling ugly but instead will be a day I will stand upon the promise that He is with me.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the day ahead. I pray for You to be greater than the things that are hard right now. Lord, You know the results of Doc's test, the way the medical bills will be paid, when the medication issue will be resolved, etc. You have gone before me throughout this class and I know You are there as I finish my last two school projects. You know the outcome of the church. You know everything. Therefore I do not have to allow these things to overwhelm me in a negative way. Instead, Father, I am choosing today to allow You to overwhelm me in a positive way. Go before me and be my words, actions, attitude and vision. May people see and hear You instead of me. Thank You for the children and teens You will bring into our home this evening and for the way they will feel Your love. Thank You Jesus for being My Focus. Amen.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I John 2:24-25 - "Everywhere I Go"

I woke up to these words this morning...

Everywhere I go on this road, high and low
Where I go, I go with You
So I won't be afraid, this my hope, come what may
Where I go, I go with You

I pray the members of We Are Messengers will not let this recent tragedy with the bus accident stop them from walking with Him. Darren has endured some nasty things over the last year in his personal life. Last night as I listened to him and his wife talk my heart hurt badly for them. I prayed they will draw closer to the Lord through these tough times. Knowing a young man lost his life in this accident is hard to deal with. I pray he was a believer. I pray for his family who are going through this great loss. God did not promise easy days but He did promise to be with us through everything. There are times where He allows things to happen in order to draw us closer to Him. People will ask 'why?' this young man had to die. There may never be answers. It could have been the enemy at work through sin or it could have truly just been an accident. No matter what the reason, the Lord is there to comfort in the grieving process. Not only is the band grieving the loss of this young man but they also are grieving the loss of their bus, instruments, personal items, etc. They also are questioning why God saved their lives. By the looks of the bus they should have all been gone yet they escaped with no injury. I was overwhelmed in the concert Saturday night with the Holy Spirit. It was more like a worship service than a concert. I truly believe Darren's authentic spirit is exactly why they are here today. The Lord wants to continue to see people healed through this ministry. He wants to continue to see lives changed through this ministry. That is why this band is alive today. I pray they will keep their focus on Him and allow Him to love on them in a whole new way.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for another day that is ahead. I pray for this group who are waking up this morning and still feeling so sad. I pray they will be in Your Word and on their knees seeking Your comfort. Lord, I also pray You will engulf them in a sense of purpose for You. I pray the same for myself. I pray You will continue to encourage us on this road You have brought us to Beaufort. Some days are very difficult but Lord You are our Hope. There are times when I feel so let down by people but Father You are the Only One who I need to concentrate on. I pray for more of Your words, actions, attitude and vision. I pray You will love me more today than yesterday so Your love will flow out of me in a whole new way. Thank You Jesus for being My Hope. Amen.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I John 2:10 - "Magnify"

I am exhausted physically which in turn affects my mental and emotional beings. Thankfully the Lord knew just what I needed spiritually and filled my tank last night through the ministry of Stars Go Dim and We Are Messengers. I was blessed as Darren shared his testimony, prayed over people and became overwhelmed by the Spirit. During one part the Lord had me pray for 'a single mother who needs to know she is loved' and I did. He prayed a couple times for someone in the audience who had an abortion. When he brought the man up on stage and prayed for him to no longer feel defeated, I prayed for others in the audience who were in the same shoes. The enemy wants us to feel defeated and finds ways to do it all the time. I think of my husband with his physical issues. He is struggling not only physically but also emotionally as he continues to not feel good. This morning the Lord woke me up praying for a pastor who is going into the pulpit very discouraged by the way his church is going. The Lord also had me praying for his congregation to be open to His will. Last night Darren said many times what is wrong with America is that we do not love. Ouch! Jesus' love is so easy to give away for some but others are fearful to practice it. The way to get away from that fear is to surrender everything to Him. Then His Holy Spirit will fill you in ways that do not make sense. When the church is full of spirit-filled people, there will no longer be a religious spirit. Instead there will be a loving spirit that is ready to live out His love. Oh my...there is so much truth in that. This morning I am praying for the people with religious spirits to realize there is freedom in living in His will. I am praying people will realize the need, the urgent need, to come into such a relationship with Him. I pray for people to get to the point where these words will be in their heart...

God be greater than the worries in my life
Be stronger than the weakness in my mind
Be louder let your glory come alive
Be magnified (2X)

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for all the work accomplished yesterday at the church building. Thank You for those who came out. Father, I pray open doors with the process that is ahead for the interior of the building. I pray You will knock the enemy down every time he tries to stop progress. I also pray for a healing in Doc's body so he can continue in the process of the building rehab. Lord, just as this song says..."be greater than the worries in my life..." You are the greatest and for that I am grateful. You are greater than illness, building codes, etc. I am so grateful for the way You live in and through me. Oh how I pray for more people to come into such relationship. Lord, please do not allow my physical tiredness to distract me today from showing Your love to others. Be my words, actions, attitude and vision throughout this day in a mighty way. I am so grateful for the way You love me! Thank You for being My Greater! Amen.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I John 2:5-6 - "The Stand"

When the Lord wakes me up with a song throughout the night, I wonder what the reason is for it. Am I missing something in my life or is there someone else I need to pray for that is missing something? Does He bring a song to me to remind me of who He is in my life? Is the song for encouragement to my soul? These words to "The Stand" were in my heart every time I was awake and then again this morning...

I'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the one who gave it all
I'll stand
My soul Lord to you surrendered
All I am is yours

This is how I live my life...surrendered to His will and His ways. There is nothing I want more out of life than knowing I am in a place where I not only hear His voice but I follow it. I love living in the knowledge I do not have to fret over things but instead can have His peace. There is such joy in living where He desires of me. I pray I will fulfill I John 2:5-6 in a better way today than yesterday. I pray for forgiveness for any opportunities I missed to be Him to others. I also pray for people to see/hear Him in my words, actions, attitude and vision throughout this day. He loved me so much that He died for me. The least I can do is to be surrendered to Him.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the reminders from this song. Thank You for the way You speak to me. Lord, I am in awe of all You do for me every day. I thank You for yesterday and the time Doc and I had. I thank You for the beautiful sunshine that shined down on us as we picked strawberries but most of all I thank You for warmth of the Sonshine throughout our day. Father, give us strength for today in not only our physical bodies but most importantly our spiritual bodies. I pray for our hearts to be prepared for tomorrow as we gather to worship as a corporate body of believers. Thank You Jesus for being My Sonshine. Amen.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Matthew 28:19-20 - "Jesus Saves"

The Lord woke me up singing a song Jeremy Camp sings called "Jesus Saves"...

Shout it out to let all the world know
That Jesus saves

This is what all believers are to do, not just pastors. We are all called to fulfill the Great Commission. In The Message the Great Commission reads, "Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.” In verses sixteen and seventeen we read about how the disciples worshiping Him when they saw Him yet they "held back, not sure about worship, about risking themselves totally"(MSG). That happens every day in believers as they hold back their worship. They are afraid of what someone will say or how they may react to them. Or them are afraid of allowing the Holy Spirit to have full reign in their lives. Once a person gives into a life of holiness they will no longer worry about what others think. They will realize Jesus is the Only One to please. It then will be when they realize true worship. I pray for those who are not in relationship with Him to find Him. I also pray for those who know Him to go further into their relationship so they can have the freedom of true worship. 

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for dying on the cross so I could live. Thank You for giving me Your love, grace and mercy in abundance. Thank You for the opportunities You provide for me to share Your love with others. Father, I pray it is Your will for us to experience some newness in our church. I pray You will open doors to hearts to You in a brand new way. Father, please fill me to overflowing with more of You so people will see and hear You instead of me today. Be my words, actions, attitude and vision. Thank You for being My Savior. Amen.