Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Psalm 107:28-31 - "Hold Me Jesus"

I woke up sining "Hold Me Jesus" and thought 'Wow, God, You always know exactly what I need!' I had a horrible dream last night. No, it was more like a nightmare. The thing that made me realize there is no way for it to come true is my Daddy was alive in it and we didn't live close to the beach but in the mountains.

So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf 
You have been King of my glory 
Won't You be my Prince of Peace

He is truly my Prince of Peace. I am so blessed to have peace in my spirit when there is anything but peace in life. I have peace when...

  • my legs do not want to function due to MS
  • my husband continues to have physical issues
  • I get a call from a family member so far away with a hurt
  • there seems like there won't be enough money to cover the bills
  • I heard "Mrs Burrows, I am so sorry to tell you we did find cancer"
I have lived these situations out yet the Lord gave me peace. Why? How? Plain and simple. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of my life. He is in control of every aspect of my being. When I went through the last bout of MS with nine months of walking issues, there were times I wondered if that was my new way of life. But He reassured me to 'go deeper Daughter' in my relationship with Him. Sometimes I wonder if that nine months were in preparation for South Carolina. If I would not have gone through that time, maybe I would have 'kicked and screamed' and refused to leave Ohio. Maybe I would not have been obedient to His Voice in this move. Oh my! I don't ever want to be in that position!

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the way You encourage me. Thank You for the way You give me peace in the midst of the storms of life. Lord, if there is anything that is not of You in my life please remove it. If there is anything I did not of you, forgive me. I pray for more of You to fill me up to overflowing so people will see/hear You in and through me today. Father, be with my neighbor having surgery today. I pray for not only a physical healing for her but a spiritual healing. I also pray for the family who lost their loved one to a sudden heart attack. Lord, I don't know where she was spiritually but I do know there are many family members lost. I pray something will happen from her death to bring them to You. Lord, there are so many people who need You in their lives. Some believe in You but have never turned their lives over to You fully. I pray for those who are unsaved and those who are not sanctified wholly to come into a relationship with You that will be life-changing. Thank You Jesus for being My Prince of Peace. Amen.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Psalm 107:1-9 - "Lord You Are Good"

God is so good! No matter what circumstances we go through on this earth He is good. Yesterday as the sweat was pouring off of me during Praise and Worship I was reminded that He provided every drop of sweat. If I were not sweating, then I may not be healthy enough to be there. Or it may be that I would not have a place to worship. If I were not sweating, it could be I was no longer alive. Although that would be glorious because I would no longer be dealing with the 'junk' of this world. As long as I am on this earth I need to not only praise Him but share Him with others. He didn't save me nor sanctify me wholly just to exist. He redeemed me to fill me up with more of Him so He will ooze out of every bit of my being. As I seek more of Him, He will fulfill my needs. He will fill up my tank and strengthen me. Matthew Henry words it: "Those that hunger and thirst after righteousness, after God, the living God, and communion with him, shall be abundantly replenished with the goodness of his house both in grace and glory." In the NIV it says "He satisfies"...yes! 

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the reminder this morning from Psalm 107. Lord, I praise You for the relationship I have with You. I praise You for Your love, mercy and grace. Father, I praise You for the day that is ahead. I pray You will use me to be a beacon of light to anyone I talk to or meet. Fill me to overflowing with more of You so people will see/hear You instead of me. Father, this morning my heart breaks for Chris' family. Lord, may You use her death to bring someone to You. I pray someone will be there to be You to them throughout these tough days. Lord, comfort them in a way they will found You. Thank You Jesus for being My Goodness. Amen.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Psalm 106:1 - "In Awe"

These words...of my...

Cause Your love is overwhelming
Your love is overwhelming
It's only You and me here
And Your love is overwhelming
Your love is overwhelming
I can barely breathe here
I'm living in awe
Cause You don't need me at all
But You couldn't love me more..

Yesterday was full of His presence in so many ways but especially in the way He answered prayers. He does not always answer in the way I desire but He always answers. I was disappointed in a situation yesterday morning but after it was over I realized how I prayed was not what was best for me. Many prayers were answered in the way I desired such as prayers for a light day with mail on Doc's route. When an urgent situation arose, I prayed and asked six others to pray. Within an hour those prayers were answered. Seven. The number of perfection. Seven people prayed in agreement and the Lord answered. Woo hoo! It is overwhelming to think about how much He loves us. "I'm living in awe" is so true yet I should not be surprised when He answers prayers. I should have faith He will and I do but yet there are still times I'm amazed. He is so good. We continually pray for Doc's pain to be alleviated yet it continues for an unknown reason. He knows the reason and we have faith He will reveal it. In our humanness we desire that revelation to be sooner than later but we cannot rush God. In His time He will either reveal the reason or take the pain away. I pray it does not take nine months as in my last MS exasperation. If it does, I pray for an extra dose of supernatural strength for both Doc and myself to deal with it day in and day out.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for Your great love! Thank You for answering prayers...even when they are not the way I pray or not in the timing I desire. Your will and Your timing is perfect. Lord, today is a day when bodies of believers will gather together to worship You. I pray for every pastor going into the pulpit this morning. I pray for the pastors on Sabbatical to have their cup filled today in a whole new way. I pray for strength for pastors who are feeling torn down. Fill them with a new dose of You today. Encourage their hearts. Lord, I pray You will be their words as they proclaim the Gospel. I pray against the enemy having any foothold in their lives today. Close their ears to negative comments and open them to positive ones. Wrap Your arms around them and enable them to feel Your strength. Oh Father how I pray for pastors today. I also pray for many Nazarene Churches who are having annual elections. Once again, I pray for Your will in these elections so Your Church can fulfill the Great Commission in a whole new way. Lord, would You please be my words, actions, focus and attitude today? Would You encourage my heart in a whole new way? Would You open my heart up to experience in a new way? Woo hoo! I am ready for this day! I am ready for anything the enemy throws our way because I know Your love is stronger! Thank You for being the One To Love Us. Amen.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Philippians 4:13 - "Even If"

These words...oh my...

I know You're able
And I know You can
Save through the fire
With Your mighty hand
But even if You don't
My hope is You alone

I feel like we go from one thing to another to another to another...I'm getting worn down but I refuse to allow the enemy to win. I refuse. On one hand I hope he hears that but on the other he attacks harder when he knows our weaknesses. I am really struggling with feeling weak but I must remember God is stronger. God is greater. God is mightier. He lives in us so therefore, we are strong in Him! He must really think we are strong to allow things to happen as they have. I guess maybe He needs us to be stronger but oh my.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the blessings of yesterday with the pulpit, communion table and chairs given to us by a church. Thank You for the time I had to see my sister Linda and get some hugs. It amazes me (but it really shouldn't) how You orchestrate things such as that. Her and I being in the same area at the same time...wow! I still am amazed at how the one Sunday we will be in Ohio Ben is preaching. You are so good! Father, we are struggling and need Your strength in a mighty way. Doc needs Your strength as he does his route today. He needs not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual strength in abundance from You today. I need Your strength to continue on. I don't want us to just 'get through today' but I desire for us to be focused on You so we can be a beacon of light wherever You lead us. Fill us to overflowing with more of You. Be our words, attitude and focus. Lord, we want to say, "It is well with my soul." Thank You Jesus for being Our Strength. Amen.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Psalm 106:1-3 - "Home"

Every time I woke up during the night Chris Tomlin's song "Home" was going through my mind. Sometimes when I hear of a believer dying I am a little jealous. Days on this earth can be so hard. I am so grateful for the hope I have in my future with spending eternity with the Lord. 

I'm goin' home
Where the streets are golden
Every chain is broken
Oh I wanna go
Oh I wanna go
Where every fear is gone
I'm in your open arms
Where I belong

Yesterday as I visited a dear man in the hospital he kept saying over and over, "I'm finished." He talked of going to see his mother, father, and grandparents. He is so ready to be done on this earth. Praise the Lord he knows where he will spend eternity. In the past when I visited I would sing hymns for him and he would sing along. Not yesterday. He just closed his eyes and smiled but there was no singing out of him. At first that saddened me but then I thought about how I was being selfish to pray for him to stay. He is miserable in his physical body and has been for some time. He is 'finished' with fighting but the Lord continues to keep him here for a reason. Perhaps there is a nurse or doctor who needs to see the Lord in him. Or perhaps there is something he needs to take care of in his spirit. Only the Lord knows. I pray the Lord will be merciful in his situation. Later in the day when my ninety-four year old neighbor walked over with a thank you card once again I saw one who is tired of the aches and pains of life. She physically hurts all the time but she definitely doesn't hurt spiritually. She is such a prayer warrior and I know God put her in my life to encourage me. I feel bad I don't get to visit her as often as I use to but school takes up so much time these days. I am so grateful for her prayers. She no longer drives so is home a great portion of the time. She tells me, "I don't know why I'm still here but I guess I am needed. I can't do anything but pray." She sits on her couch hour after hour crocheting or knitting and praying. She makes hats for premies and lap blankets for shut-ins. What an example she gives me. Both of these dear people are ready to go 'home' but I know when their time comes I will have a great void in my life.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the time You gave me yesterday to be with Fred and Grammy. Thank You for the way You encourage me through them. Thank You for my time with Jimmy and Eli yesterday. Father, You are so awesome in filling my tank up with exactly what I need. I was so blessed to find out Ben is preaching the Sunday we are in Ohio. Then to find out I may see my sister for a short time today was the icing on the cake. You are so good! Lord, I pray for opportunities today to come in abundance for people to see/hear you through me. I pray for more of You to ooze out of me throughout this day. Lord, once again I pray against Doc's pain. I pray for him to have physical strength to do what needs done today with the trip to Rock Hill and tomorrow with doing his route. Thank You Jesus for being The One To Bless Us. Amen.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Psalm 105:43-45 - "What You Want"

The Lord woke me up to a song Tenth Avenue North sings called "What You Want" and it made me think about how I use to live. I was in bondage to lists. Sometimes I had a list for my list. I thought I was doing His will by being so efficient to get things done. I will always be grateful for the day He took that away from me. The freedom found that day is beyond comprehension. There is a part of this song that explains that freedom. It is because "...I am wired to let You lead"...God is the One who knows what we should do in our daily life. He is the One who we need to listen to and obey.  It is what He wants of us that should be our goal. The satisfaction of marking things off on a list as they are completed is nothing compared to the satisfaction found in a relationship with the Lord.

Oh, there's freedom in this surrender
I feel myself come alive
And the burden feels like a feather
When I let my agenda die

Woo hoo! Yes! Freedom! That is exactly what happened when I allowed Him to take over my 'list issue' and to lead me. I think the reason there is so much freedom in this way of life is because I don't have to make any decision on my own. I know He is the One in control and with that knowledge comes freedom. He speaks, I listen. I don't just listen but I also obey. My life is about Him and what He wants of me. As I read Psalm 105 again this morning I was blessed with the last few verses. He brought the people out of Egypt into Canaan after they experienced so much tragedy. Why? Because He kept His promise to them. He will keep His promise to all those who live a life of obedience to Him. He will put joy in hearts to those who follow His will. Even in tough days when it seems like one can't go on there will be joy. His joy. It is a joy that cannot be comprehended or explained by humans but it is a joy that is beyond anything this world can give.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for the blessings of yesterday and the opportunities that are before me today. Thank You for the Bible study last night and all that was learned. Father, today is a new day. There are a lot of things You have given me to do today but I know You will bless me with other things too. May You keep me focused on You so I don't miss anything You give. May Your words, actions and attitude be mine today. May people see/hear You instead of me. Father, once again I pray against Doc's pain. Whatever You want to come from this, I pray it happens soon so he will be free from the pain. Whoever needs to learn something, so be it. Thank You Jesus for being My Freedom! Amen.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Psalm 46:10a; Psalm 105 - "Praise You In This Storm"

Psalm 105 is very clear on how we, the believer, should have for an attitude toward God. He has done, and will continue to do, so much for us as we seek Him. 

  • We are to praise Him (verse 1)
  • We are to pray to Him (verse 4)
  • We must remember what He has done for us (verse 5)
  • We must be joyful in Him (verse 3)
  • We must proclaim His love (verse 1)

This morning as I read Psalm 105 I started thinking about how people look at how we live. Many times what they see determines if they want to follow the Lord or not. If we are negative and always crabby, why would they want to be a believer? We need to show His love through our words and actions. I am not saying life is a bed of roses BUT when there are tough days we should not complain but instead seek more of Him. His strength is the only thing to get us through tough days. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit is the only way to live. When doctors and testing don't have answers, we need to trust in the Lord to reveal things in His time. We, as humans, can get antsy in waiting but it is in the waiting room the greatest work can be done by the Lord. Our faith can go deeper, our trust can be fuller, our love can be multiplied...all as we wait. I go back to yesterday's verse...when we are still and wait on Him, He will be glorified in the greatest way.

Dear Jesus,
Thank You the testing Doc had yesterday no red flags. Father, his pain continues and his frustration grows with no answers. Lord, be glorified through his pain. I pray for your empowerment to come down upon him in a great way. Thank You for the witness he gave yesterday with the nurses. Thank You for loving us so greatly. Thank You for being our strength. Father, today is a new day. His pain continues but more importantly You continue to be our strength. Be our words, actions, attitude and focus throughout this day. You are such a blessing! Thank You for being The One We Praise! Amen.